Life Savings Insurance

Life Savings Protection is the life insurance cover provided to Kilkeel Credit Union members as a member benefit i.e. at no direct cost to the member and as an incentive to save regularly.

Life Savings Insurance is payable on the death of the eligible member, subject to policy terms and conditions.

The amount of insurance benefit to which a member is entitled is in proportion to the amount of savings the member has made during the term of membership, and depends on the member’s age at date of lodgement.

Amounts saved after the 70th birthday are not insured. However, cover built up before the 70th birthday remains in force after the 70th birthday as long as the savings are left in the credit union.

Withdrawals may affect the amount of insurance payable in the event of a claim.



The following example illustrates how Life Savings Benefit is calculated Tom died at age 72. He made no withdrawals from his shares after age 55. His balance was £3,000 at age 55; £3,800 at age 60; £5,200 at age 70 and £5,600 when he died.

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Total Shares: £5,200. LS Benefit Due: £4,100 Withdrawals of Shares has a negative impact on Life Savings Insurance as the claim is based on the lowest share amount after the age of 55.



Tom died at age 72. His balance was £3,000 at age 55; £3,800 at age 60; he made a withdrawal at age 64 reducing his balance to £1,200. At age 65 he had £2,200 in shares and £2,800 at age 70. His balance was £3,200 when he died

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Total Shares: £2,800 – LS Benefit Due: £1,850

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