NIHE Oil Buying Scheme

We know our members are starting to feel pressure on their finances with the cost of living crisis. To try to help, we wanted to let you know about the NIHE Oil Buying Scheme.

What is the Oil Buying Club?

Northern Ireland remains reliant on expensive home-heating. More than two-thirds (about 68%) of households are dependent on oil as their main heat source.

  • You can get more information about the weekly average price of home heating oil from the:

Many people find it difficult to budget for large one-off bulk deliveries. Larger orders are a higher one-off cost, but smaller orders cost more per litre.

Buyers often have no option but to place smaller, more expensive orders.

Joining the NI Oil Buying Network is one solution to this problem.

As a NI Oil Buying Network (OBN) member, you can order your oil each week (or whenever you need a refill) at a negotiated discount.

Average savings are currently £10 – £30 on 200 litres of oil for OBN members.

How Does It Work?

The scheme is open to all householders including:

  • those who rent or own their home
  • Housing Association tenants
  • Housing Executive tenants

When you sign up to the Oil Buying Club you will receive a weekly text or email to see if you have any interest in making a purchase that week.

Based on the number of estimated weekly order requests, the Network will negotiate the best price from the suppliers in your area.

The Northern Ireland Oil Buying Network carries out a daily            oil-pricing index across all its registered suppliers to gauge the current market.  

But, due to the current energy crisis, suppliers at times have had issues with stock availability and price increases. 

We will keep all members updated.

How do you use the Scheme?

Place your Order

We will send members details of the 

  • supplier’s discounted cost per litre (ppl), 
  • a discount code, and 
  • a deadline order date

Members then place their own order by calling the chosen supplier, using the discount code.

The supplier will then provide their quoted discount. 

Receive your Oil

All members will receive deliveries from their supplier on their confirmed delivery date. 

Payment arrangements will differ between suppliers.

Arrangements are made between the customer and the company offering the discount. 

For more info or to Sign Up:

Freephone: 08001114455


or visit

NIHE Website


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