Children's Savings Account

Do your children know the importance of saving? Of earning cash by helping with chores, and behaving? If their dream is to own a toy plane, a boat or fish; if they save up their money, they might just get their wish!
Opening a children’s saving account is one of most important things a parent can do – and opening a children’s saving account with the credit union can not only contribute to a child’s future, but teaches them important planning, budgeting and money management skills – giving them vital building blocks needed throughout their lives.  
Each year in September, the credit union’s national Junior Savers Week aims to raise awareness around the importance of children saving.

What is the best way to help children save?
The best way to help children save is to build a children’s saving plan with achievable goals and fun, successful ways to save – including opening a savings account. Here are some ways to get started:

Set a savings goal

Create rewards for regular saving

Create a timeline

Open a savings account

What is the best savings account for kids?
The best children’s savings account is a credit union savings account. Here’s why the credit union is a great place for your children to save:

It has excellent customer service

It is member owned

It is community based

It is not for profit

Download an Application form here:

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