🤑Kilkeel Credit Union Junior Savers Sticker Card💰

Encouraging children to manage and save money is one of the most important lessons they can learn. That’s why we’ve introduced our Junior Savers Sticker Card.

The Junior Savers Sticker Card is aimed at 7-12 year old credit union members, allowing them to track their saving journey.

The Card will be made available for young members and their parents to collect in Kilkeel credit union. Each time a young member saves money in their account, they will receive a sticker on their card.

When they complete the card, (when they have saved four times) they will also receive a free gift and be entered into a draw on 1st December 2022 to win £30.

There are three prizes of £30 to be won, so make sure you encourage your child to save their money and put it in their credit union account.

How can I use my Junior Savers Sticker Card?

To use the Junior Savers Sticker Card, your child must be a member in Kilkeel Credit Union. Each time they save their money in the credit union, they will receive a sticker on their card.

The card is available to collect in Kilkeel credit union office. If your child is not a credit union member, you can simply open an account for them first.

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